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Thursday, May 17, 2018

May Newsletter

Monthly update - May 2018
The Lord continues to expand His reach in Malawi Africa.
Pray for the group of 10 that will be ministering in Malawi from May 21-June 2. Pray for souls for our labor and pray for our faith to be strengthened.

The armyworms have done their work on the corn crop. The harvest is 30% to 40% of what is needed. Because of this the price will be high and many families will be affected by starvation as the year goes on.  We now have $700.00 for purchasing corn. $2,000.00 would be much better.
There is good news. The bean seeds that we provided to replace corn because of the armyworms has been a great success. Enough beans have been harvested to supply 35 families for a year. Praise the Lord!!

New church plant                
In mid-March pastor Joseph and three men went to Mozambique to minister in three different areas and possibly start some new works. In one of the areas they had success and the people are desirous for him to come back and start a work.
While traveling to Mozambique they were stopped at the border due to paper work. They had to wait until the “boss” came later in the day. While they waited, pastor Joseph began preaching near the border. They were very interested and wanted him to come back. On the return from Mozambique they stopped and preached again. They now wanted to have their own church there. Early in April pastor Joseph took a group of teens from the Christian school with Jesus film equipment and traveled 4-5 hours to the village of Nayuchi at the border to start the church. A pole/grass building had been erected and 65 joined the new church. The Lord continues to work!

Bread of Life Bible Institute                                        
The Bible institute will start with 26 students and three teachers for the two-year Bible curriculum. Many of the men when they graduate will go on to pastor churches in the Sharp Valley area or other areas of need. Carpentry, sewing and growing are also taught at the institute.

Library/Science Lab 
The building is complete except for the roof. A group is going to Malawi in May and will install the trusses and roof sheets. They will also do Bible teaching, soul winning and Jesus Film presentations. The total cost for the library/science lab building is $4,500. We have $2,000 at present.  Would you prayerfully consider a gift to help with this $2,500 special need?  

We are planning to take 500+ of the 1000 books for the library with the group of ten that will be ministering in Malawi in May. So far, we have collected over 500 books.
The school has an enrollment of 156 students with 6 teachers.
4000 fruit trees: Planting for the future
Good News-4000 fruit trees are planted and doing well.  There were 68 workers clearing land, digging holes, adding manure, and planting trees. During the process, one-by one 34 of the workers came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. The orchard is already bearing fruit. It is too much to comprehend the working of the Lord!
To water the trees a well had to be dug. It is halfway complete at 39 feet. One man “walks“ down the sides of the well with a bucket on a rope and a short shovel. He fills the bucket and it is pulled up and emptied. Again, and again and again until water is reached. To use the well a pump lowered into the well and operated with a generator.
The trees are Mango, Avocado, Banana, orange, and Pawpaw.

 Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding….

Your co-worker in Jesus Christ,
Harry Schenimann
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