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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Roof for the new Church

What a blessing!!
I received these pictures from Pastor Joseph this am. The Lord worked through Stoney Mountain Baptist to provide funding for the roof, and He is working through Pastor Joseph and the men there to do the physical work.
To complete the installation the roof trusses will be tied with wire through the brick wall and all the openings under the roof will be filled with brick and cement.This keeps the high winds form blowing the roof away.
There are two remaining new churches without roofs.
Thanks to Calvary


The Lord has provided $1100 for the largest roof, and it is being constructed as I send this.The Lord is GOOD!
Thanks to Calvary
Dear Brother Harry and all prayer partners,
Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.We praise the Lord for you our  precious prayer partners,and want to thank you for your faithful prayers and support without which we could  not do the work God has called us to do.You are all the special blessing to us,and we thank God for you! Praise the Lord for His goodness,mercy and grace as we watch Him work in establishing Bread of Life Baptist Ministries  in Malawi.

Last week we brought 26 people to help John and Dickson evangelize in preparation for the starting of Bread of Life Baptist church at Makunula village (the moslem village in Mangochi ). We were able to pass out a total of over 2300 Gospel tracts in just a few days.It was amazing how many John/Romans and Gospel tracts were distributed before our first meeting.Praise the Lord for His goodness and provision.

On November 20 in the evening we had the first service for Makunula Baptist church.There were total of 21 people in attendance at the first service and we want to thank the Lord for them.There were several more people that have shown interest.We continue to reach out to the community with the Gospel message that Jesus saves! Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in hearts and lives and that we will see many souls saved! Pray for John that God may supply his family needs.$100 a month can be a great bless to him and other people around him.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support.In Matthews 16;18 Jesus said, "Upon this rock I will build my church,and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."Please pray for Bread of Life Baptist church as we watch Jesus build His church.Pray also for my family as we faithfully continue to sow the seed through passing out Gospel literature,and witnessing and telling people who Jesus is.Most of all,pray for God to convict hearts and save souls for Jesus sake!

Please pray for  the metal roof of Mchanja Baptist church($1100).  Kasinje Baptist church($790)   and Benesi baptist church($600).  We only have few days to raise the funds needed for this work otherwise the church buildings may fall down because of the heavy rainfall.God bless you as you pray and consider taking part in this much needed project.

Your Partners in Christ,
Joseph,Mercy,Matthews,Blessings,Praise,Ruth and Charity.

November Prayer Letter

Praying friends,
I am sure that you are thinking that you have already received Pastor Joseph's prayer letter. I am sending it again because I feel that I left off some information about the church roofs. The reason they are able to afford the building is that they make the brick themselves from their soil. There is a cost for wood so much of the time the brick are not fired, but they become very hard. To lay the brick, mud is used which becomes very hard and holds well.But when the rains come, if there is no roof to protect the walls, the water softens and then washes away the dried mud, and the building comes down or is weakened beyond use.
Harry (dad)
Youth camp in Thyolo
Joseph teaching at Pastor's conference

Dear Praying Partners,

Our God is full of Mercy and is so good to us.We are blessed with being able to see the Lord continue to move amongst His people and ministries.I want to say thank you to all the Churches,Pastors and individuals that have done so much for us the last few months.You will never know how you have encouraged us along the way.Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare the ministry during the rain season.

Firstly that Mercy and little Charity are doing fine.
Secondly that our first Young Camp named;"My heart in God's hands' It was made for churches,in which we are working.We went to one of the tea estate in Thyolo,a beautiful place,where God works in the heart of every young lady and young man,as a result,most of  them made the decision to serve God as a Pastors  and as a  missionaries  they are younger yet,but we cannot denied that God is doing a work in their hearts.Along the way we visited Chileka Airport.Most of them were very happy to see a aeroplane  and the airport for the first time.Thanks to all who prayed,the Young Camp was a success,many made steps to strengthen their walk with Lord.Please pray that we can see the Lord continue to work in their hearts.

1.That God would bless in the evangelistic activities that we have planned for the three months to come.
2.We are praying for the three churches to have roofing before the rain season.If we we may not have the roofing during the rain season the churches buildings may fall down.The churches needs are as follows
:(a)  Mchanja church building-----------$1100.      
 (b)  Kasinje church building-------------$790.
 (c) Benesi  church building--------------$600.
3.We have been presented with an opportunity to buy a piece of the land for church at Monkey bay.A man has offered a plenty of land  to build a church and see many future projects for $2,000.Please pray about what you can do to be a part of this ministry.

Boys at the airport
We are so grateful for each one of our faithful supporters for praying for us and for all your prayers.It has been an honor ta represent you in Malawi.Because of you,souls have been saved and a church is faithfully preaching the Gospel in a country in a desperate need.Thank you again for everything and keep pressing for the mark.

"But I have all and abound;I am full,having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you,an  odour  of sweet smell,a sacrifice accepted,well pleasing to God." Philippians 4;18

     Cultivating in Malawi,
      Joseph Maweta's family.