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Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Newsletter

Dear Praying Partners,

It is a great joy to share with you the many things God is going in our midst here in Ntcheu,Malawi.We hope you will be encouraged in your prayers and support for us.We greatly value and are grateful for your many prayers for us.The work of preaching is far from over,the needs are great.The most of the victories we experience come in the midst of tears,betrayal from false professors,sleepless nights,or ministry needs.The Lord has kept us,and our hope remains in the gospel.''What shall we then say to these things?If God be for us,who can be against us? He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all,how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:31-32

We remain grateful to the Lord for His many blessings in our family.Mercy,all the children and I are doing well both in our family and service to the Lord,and He has blessed us with truly joyous news.We are expecting a baby.Mercy is doing well and taking it easy.It's an exciting time and according to last doctor's visit,all is normal with both mother and baby.Please pray for Mercy and I as we expect our child.Pray for her health and the health of the baby and that the Lord will prepare us to honor Him in parenting.

As I recall the Lords goodness to our 2015 Bible Institute students,I must joyfully conclude that God is at work;building His kingdom and strengthening Christ's church.Many students wanted to see truly biblical churches planted wherever they are laboring.Listening to their testimonies always reveals encouraging examples of Gospel ministers whose ministry is best equated with the strenuous,methodical work  of a plow horse.It is slow and steady breaking up of hardened soil for the sole purpose of planting seeds for a glorious Gospel harvest.Here is one of the testimonies of the graduate,Dickson Namawona.

''Two years ago,I was trying to reach Mr Mwalumbo (a moslem) with the gospel,but he said that he never wanted to be told about Jesus Christ.After graduating from the Bread of Life Bible Institute,slowly,I began to bring the gospel into our discussions.I never opened a Bible at first,knowing that would immediately sour our relationship.To my surprise,as I spoke more about our sin and how serious it is,and explain how Jesus came to die for our sins,this man became more interested and asked lots of questions.Such witnessing encounters went on for several months,then I left it in God's hands to deal with him.Right now he accepted Christ.
Dickson started a church  in this man's village about 10 miles from his home.He was praying for a bicycle to easy his means of transportation.The Lord provided the bicycle last Saturday.We have been praying about sending someone to Phirilongwe area in Mangochi.We have always said that in order for the moslems along the lake shores district to be reached,it is imperative that the christian move to reach them.The new church started by Dickson at Phirilongwe will be a step towards fulfilling this long term vision.Dickson remains in need of prayer and much grace to meet the constant demands of his schedule.

Finally pray for us and we continue to rely on the Spirit's leading and power to preach Christ,and pray for the Bible Institute needs as we will open on 9 May 2016.58 people have shown interest this year but we cant accommodate all of them because of lack of resources.Again we extend to you our thanks for many ways in which you love us and the work of Bread of Life Ministries.May God bless you.

Love in Christ Jesus,
Joseph Maweta' family.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 7th He Is RISEN!

I am forwarding the prayer letter I received from Joseph.
It is such a blessing to be part of the Lord's work in Malawi.
 There is still a huge problem due to the food shortage. It should be getting better when the late (and only) harvest comes in at the end of this month. Other areas are doing better and some areas are doing worse. We are sending money weekly to Joseph to help in his area. At present we should have enough money to help with the food until the harvest comes.

Harry (dad) 

Dear praying partners,


Love and Easter greetings to you all! Blessings from God have been showered on us through your generous hearts,especially through your fervent prayers for us as we work here in Malawi.On behave of the people who benefit from your dedicated support for food,I express our sincere gratitude for all you have done to help these less fortunate ones.Our reports cannot contain the happiness and joy of these  people as they receive gifts not only in kind,but of love,as we stand with them and share with their pains and agonies of poverty and helplessness.Let us continue to show  God's love to them.We cannot thank you enough for your love,prayers and support. Yours are the hands of God reaching out to these less privileged and less fortunate ones.Harvest will come.

Easter is another great time of share the Gospel in Malawi.We had four days Easter conference from  25 to 28 March.Over a thousand people from all the churches we are working with attended the meeting. We had games,singing,testimonies,a video describing Jesus' life,death burial and resurrection and Who He is and the message. 67 people baptized during the conference. I had the great joy to preach a couple of sermons on the subject of trusting  and glorifying God in every circumstances and seeing God's loving providence in the midst of pain.The Word of God is indeed the guide that leads us to Christ,who is able to give rest and comfort even to the weariest of souls.Please pray with me for the ministry in Malawi that we might by the grace of God,remain faithful and thankful in every trial so that Christ will be glorified in us.

During the conference,we received the message that one of our sisters in Christ has gone to be the with the Lord.We cannot begin to understand why this tragic has happened.We thought it was so untimely,disturbing and purposeless not knowing what was the will of the Lord.We had so many questions many emotion.We hardly knew what to do or say.The funeral and the burial service took place over 50 miles in Dedza.We had to hire a 5 toner truck to the funeral.After the preaching hundreds made a decision for Christ.Somehow Christ enter into our loss as He tell us,''Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.''(Psalm 116:15).

A big part of my ministry is counseling.Sometimes this can be very challenging.I am in constant need of grace and wisdom from God.The past months I invested time in learning more about how to resolve personal conflicts in a biblical way and how to lovingly help people to progressively be transformed into the image of Christ.Please pray for me as I desire to become more useful in the Lord's service.Pray for all the brothers and sisters who help us to reach the lost.It is a great encouragement to see many young people who are willing to learn how to evangelize biblical and who are eager to go out with a passion for Christ and a burden for souls.

If we were to count how many Malawians were impacted by your prayers and  support.It would run in thousands.Your obedience to the Lord has brought forth great Kingdom fruit.May the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you now and forever more.

-  The needs for the Bible Institute.We will start on 9th May.35 people have shown interest to enroll these year.
-  Tracts we give out will touch hearts about salvation.
- Please pray for those who listened  that the seed of the gospel will germinate and bring forth regeneration in their hearts.

Love in Christ Jesus,

Joseph Maweta' family.