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Monday, July 25, 2016

July Prayer letter

It is always a blessing to hear from Joseph with a picture of the work going on there. The pictures are; 
 1. finishing of the brick work and plastering on the exterior of the church.this and finishing the waterways around the building will complete the project.

   2.The completely remodeled kitchen. It now has water and electricity.
  4 & 5. #5 is the existing church at Kasinge. #4 making brick by faith for a new church building. they can scrape up enough to do the brick, but not the cement floor, plaster, timbers or roof sheets.

 3. Part of the 300 plants that are now being harvested. They are being watered by drip irrigation supplied by the pump and tank installed last year.
 6.The new (used) truck heading out for a ladies meeting.
Harry (dad)

Dear Beloved in Christ Jesus,

It's been far too long since our last prayer letter.Although I have been quite,God has been active,expanding His work among the people of the warm heart of Africa,Malawi.

Thank you so much for your prayers about our soul wining campaign.By God's grace,we saw 2644 people trust the Lord as Savior through Jesus film shows,revival meetings,women,men  and youth meetings,preaching in funerals and house to house soul wining.Please to pray as we follow these new believers up for baptism and discipleship.The harvest truly is ready just as the Bible says in,John 4;35 '' behold,I say unto you,Lift up your eyes,and look on the fields;for they are white already to harvest."

We,as you know,our God is awesome! His grace is always sufficient,and he provides above and beyond what we can imagine.
We want to take a moment to thank our prayer partners for your giving above and beyond to help us be able to have a vehicle.The truck allows us to expand the reach of our ministry in various ways.Thank you again for helping to bless us this way.Praise the Lord with us and pray that this car will be a useful tool in helping us minister to those around us.

The Bible Institute is moving along nicely with 30 students who are eager to learn of essential doctrines of christian faith.Keep them in your prayers,as they continue to learn how to spot false doctrines.There is no shortage of questionable teachers,preachers and missionaries spreading questionable doctrines.Prosperity Gospel, in particular,is growing like wildfire across Africa,as it allure is hard for impoverished Africans to resist.Pray that these young men would remain rooted,grow in their wisdom,keeping a close watch on themselves and their teaching (1 Tim 4;16), and desire above all else to see Christ glorified in their service for Him.
We are thankful to also have Akimu Nthunzi  and Charles Kasonya helping with the teaching.

Again,our heartfelt thanks to you all for your prayers and support.We always pray for you.

                               With deepest thanks,
                             Joseph,Mercy,Matthews,Gift,Blessings,Praise and Ruth.