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Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017 update also see

From: Harry Schenimann <>

Dear praying partners,

Greeting in the name of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.Mercy and I and all the children are doing well with good health and many blessings in the churches.
It is impossible for us to write about all that has been going on in Malawi in the past months but we want to give you a resume so you  can join us in praise to God for His faithfulness!! We are so thankful for the Lord's many blessings in the churches.There have been over 1350 souls saved and several presented for baptism.We thank God for you and deeply appreciate your faithful prayer and financial support for the work in Malawi.

We praise God for the Bible Institute students and their involvement in the ministry. Things were really busy these two months with women conference,youth camp and Jesus film ministry and all the preparations for the Bible Institute graduation.They worked hard helping us to get everything ready for the main event on October 28.We planned to have it on 21 October but suddenly something happened beyond our control therefore we rescheduled it to 28th October.
We had a great graduation with 23 graduating.Graduation day started with a graduate preaching,speeches,special music included Thondoya choir from one of the area churches and our own school choirI was a keynote speaker, I preached a tremendous challenge to our grads and congregation.

During the speeches one of the graduate,Peterson Clement had something to say, 'Attending Bread of Life Bible Institute gave me a solid foundation to base all of my other upon,whether it is work,relationship,study,or everything in between.When life becomes difficult the Word of God is unchanging and unfailing.Learning how to apply His word to my life gave me a path to follow and promises to encourage,strengthen and rely on each other.Pray for Peterson he has started a new work 8 miles away from his village.He is praying for the bicycle (about $90) to help his mobility from and to the new church.
How do you put into word the importance of being grounded in your faith and watching young people chose the same path? It is a privilege and an amazing journey to watch those grow and change as they get into the word.This is a powerful and something that is indescribable.It is my prayer that the message of hope in Christ and the joy found in Him would impact others through this graduates and my life.There is nothing more freeing and fulfilling than resting in the resurrection power of Jesus everyday and living through the gift that He has give all for His glory alone!


Mafuwa baptist (Pastor Akimu's) church has been knocked over by heavy wind.As I am reporting now they don't have a place  for Sunday and mid week meetings. A quick construction of the new building will require $3370. Please remember them in your prayers.
Mtendere church (Pastor John's) church,the roof completely blew off but the wall needs minor maintenance because was not affected badly.It needs $950.Again remember them in your prayers.
I am so excited about what we can accomplish together.We are so aware of the need for more workers in this ministry.Our hearts desire is for God to bring people to join us.

The project of changing a grass to tin roofing at Mpata church is progressing very well.The smiling faces of the church members reveals the appreciation from down their hearts to those who faithfully praying and supporting the ministry.We really value your prayers and support.May almighty God bless you all.

                                      Your Partners in Christ,

                                   Pastor Joseph Maweta and the family.
                                               ( Isaiah 6:8)

I want to add a footnote to Pastor Joseph’s letter.
What a blessing it is to be part of the Lord’s work in Malawi. With 36 churches, a Bible instate graduating 20 to 30 students each year, churches being planted sometimes weekly, a Christian secondary school with 115 students, and soul winning and evangelism daily, creates a financial need that continues to grow. We can continue to help by being the financial arm and prayer arm for the work there.
Mafuwa Baptist (Pastor Akimu's) church was on the list for a new roof. Now it needs to be rebuilt, plus the roof: $3,370.00
Mtendere church (Pastor John's) church, needs a new roof: $950.00
A bicycle for Peterson so he can minister in the new work: $90.00
Lord, allow us to be the footsteps that bring the Joy of the Lord to the people of Malawi.
If you desire to help with any of these needs, you can give through: on the “partner with us” page under “get involved”,

or you can mail a check to:     Footsteps to Joy

                                               145 Autumn View ct,

                                               Fletcher, NC 28732

Thank you for being faithful to the Lord’s work

Psalm 119:105   Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Footsteps to Joy and Bread of Life Malawi

Footsteps to Joy

Dear pastors, friends and supporters
I have been back from Malawi, Africa for a few weeks, trying my best, but unable to catch up with what needs to be done.
The Malawi people are in a difficult condition and are hungry for the hope of Jesus Christ. They look forward to hearing and receiving the gospel message
secondary Christian school. Through funding from WITHIN Malawi, Pastor Joseph has begun construction on a three-building Christian School for the Sharp Valley, Ntcheu area. It will be a one hundred student facility. Pray with us for the school to have a library and computer lab in place when it opens in September, 2018.

                                      The first of the three-building Christian school
Praise the Lord!
We have been able to purchase a two-acre plot of land. The property is located in Monkey Bay which is the center of a heavy Muslim area (not radical Muslims). To have a central Baptist work there will help Pastor Joseph and the ministry workers to bring the Word of God to the area with a permanent presence.
Prayerfully, we are looking to build a church on the property, and down the road, a Bible Institute. 

Church Roof repair. A church here has begun supporting the work in Malawi with $200.00 per month. pastor Joseph will use the money to replace four existing grass roofs with metal roofs.  I saw the roofs and they are in desperate need of replacement. It will cost about $900 for each roof.  This includes the timbers for the roof support which must be replaced also as the existing ones are not sufficient and are termite infested. The new timbers will be treated where they contact the walls.  
                                   Pastor James’ church roof in need of repair

Budgeting. The Footsteps to Joy board here in the US has been working with Pastor Joseph and the Bread of Life Baptist Ministries board in Malawi. Our goal was to establish operating budgets for the ministry work there. They are on-board with it and are very willing and doing their best to make it happen. A few months back we hired an accountant from Balaka to train the treasurer in using Excel. We have established monthly and annual budgets with all spending areas identified. They are required to turn in receipts for any and all money spent-without going over budget. This system is necessary for transparency. the expenditures of the ministry must be recorded and identified-as we do here in the US. We are in the beginning stage of this process. Please pray for it to become a permanent working system.

                     Malawi ministries “Bread of Life” board of directors
I am encouraging Pastor Joseph to send monthly updates to keep us all updated on the work there. Communication, however is somewhat difficult. Most of the time the internet is not working or is to slow to function. We are working, however, to have an update each month.
We are looking forward to being part of the Missions Conference at Vonore Baptist Church in Vonore Tennessee in October. It will be a blessing to be able to display the ministry effort in Malawi at a supporting church.

I want to thank everyone for your pray support and financial funding for God’s work in a needy area of the world.
Yours are the footsteps that are helping to bring the Joy of the Lord to souls in Malawi Africa.

We can be contacted by email at: or phone: 828 777 3835
Donations can be sent to: Footsteps to Joy
                                      145 Autumn View Ct 
                                       Fletcher, NC 28732

Your brother in Christ
Harry Schenimann

Monday, June 19, 2017

April May Prayer Letter

 It seems that it has been a while since receiving an update from Pastor Joseph, It is always a blessing to hear about the works in progress. new pastor's, new church, new house, growing family, solar power, so the well and lights can continue to work, and growing crops throughout the year can resume. 

I am leaving on April 8 for  a month in Malawi. The first two weeks will be with 5 men from Vonore Baptist church in Vonore Tennessee. We will be doing an Easter service at Pastor Rackson's church in Njuli that will be shown at Hiwasee College in Madisonville Tennessee. along with Easter services from eight other locations around the world. All the services will be in progress at the same time and displayed on separate screens.

We will spend two nights ministering in Mozambique-About a year ago men came from there to Pastor Rackson's house asking if he would come and preach the word of God to them as there was no one there to do it. They had seen Pastor Rackson in a TV interview as he was ministering at a hospital in Blantyre Malawi at the previous Christmas. He said he would come and has been somewhat limited in doing it because of the cost and time. It is about 8-10 hours to get there on very rough and difficult roads. Crossing the border also has to be dealt with. Also, there is, at times,some unrest in Mozambique. 

We will then travel to Ntcheu and minister in a two day meeting of over a 1,000 people that will come from the area churches.  We will also be involved in soul winning and showing the Jesus film in the villages.

After they leave I will stay for two weeks longer and work with Pastor Joseph and teach at the Bible Institute that will be starting back on May 2.  Also, we will work on plans for starting a Christian school there probably at the beginning of the next school year. I will also visit with the 5 or 6 new pastors about the work and their needs..

Blessings Harry (dad)

Dear Praying partners,
Greetings from Malawi,the warm heart of Africa.Thank you for your prayers support only eternity will tell the full result of investment you have made into God's work here in Malawi.You have a part in every person reached for Christ.We love you all.

We are so delighted with all that God is doing through Bread of Life Ministries. God is constantly developing and expanding the ministry.
We thank God for the fine weather during the teaching and revival meetings we conducted when the Bible Institute was not in operational. Many miles of the journey are over deeply potholed roads-made even more difficult by the wet conditions of the season to negotiate. Though it was in the middle of rainy season we found people in hundreds waiting for us,all hungry for more teaching.

Most of the time was spent teaching,but door to door evangelistic time during the day and Jesus film show during the night resulted in thousands accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.We are privileged to witness a mighty harvest of souls.Using the training we gave,the  believers went out from house to house and with great joy saw many people saved this way.
It is always very exciting when believers choose to honor God,especially in obedience in baptism.You see,Malawi is a very religious country,having religious fingerprints on almost every facet of life. Many people we've talked to have some type of religion(mostly works -based  salvation). Many have also been baptized, without salvation at some point in their lives.This makes it somewhat challenging when dealing with people about baptism after salvation. Amidst the challenges,God allowed us to see 221 people followed in believers baptism this past months.
We have been overwhelmed at how God has provided over and over again.Our good God has provided a house for us.We are still working on it, thanks so much for all your prayers,encouragement and support. As always,we are aware that there is no way that we could continue this work without you.

We also thank God for Amos Kalekale he is the 2016 Bible Institute graduate.He has start a church at Chimvuwu village.Chimvuwu is a village of huge spiritual contrasts.Witchcraft continue to exist.On the other hand,God hand on the villages around Chimvuwu is entirely evident.Amos Kalekale has taken this village to his heart.Since he started the church 21 people have joined including one of the leaders of the village.Remember him in your prayers as he will ministering to the remotest villages.Three new churches have been started in the past months.There are many things that the Lord has done that we cannot explain all of them here.
We also thank God for the installation of the solar pump system at the Bible Institute and the church.This will enable us to have water all the time.May God Almighty bless all who prayed and supported this project in any way.
 Prayer request:
Please pray for those who listened that the seed of the gospel will germinate and bring forth regeneration.
More families to come and join the church and be sure of salvation and want to save the Lord.
Tracts we give out will touch hearts about salvation.
  Once again thank you for your support in love,prayers and financially.We cannot do this ministry God has called us to without each of you doing that which God places on your hearts to be co-laborers here in Malawi.May our good Lord remember the good labor you have been doing.

In His service,
Joseph Maweta's family