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Monday, November 9, 2015

October Update

It is a blessing to get a update from Malawi-even though we were just there a few days ago. The trip with Women of the Well was difficult as we covered three areas and many miles in a few days. It was good to see the ladies of these areas lifted up, encouraged and won to the Lord by the ladies.Many expressed that this was the first time that they had been ministered to-just women. They were greatly blessed.
There is so much going on and so much to be done. Joseph is a tireless worker for the Lord and the ministry there is touching and changing many many lives and winning the lost to a new hope in the Lord.
Brother Harry

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We want to thank your church family for your many reliable and effective prayers for us,and our church workers and for other various ministries.Our gracious Lord has answered your faithful prayers in the past,and he still continue to answer them today.Many unbeliever have been saved,many Christians are being trained to  do God's work .......His way,and many new churches  are being planted throughout the villages of Malawi.

We are grateful to God for His sustenance and protection given to us throughout 2015 Bible Institute calender.On October 14, 23 graduated  at our Bible Institute.Bread of Life Bible Institute was truly bathed in prayer as the organization and development were above what a I could do as a man. I found myself so insufficient for this task. All I could do was follow the wisdom the Lord had given me and depend upon Him.All we did was not as a result of our might or hard work but it was by the God's abundance love for us.
Through the Bible Institute God has given us a great nucleus of people who have a heart for ministry.The graduation ceremony was colorful and we give God the glory.
Please remember to  pray for these men and women that they will put into practice the many things that they have learned about obeying God's word and about doing His will.

We were privileged to host Harry,Marilyn Mike,Path(Patti),Sherge,Janice and Katie from the States on October 10.We were blessed with their hearts ready to be used for God's kingdom purposes.God used them to teach our women,children, men, house to house evangelism and Jesus Film.All in all we were totally blessed with their hearts to go anywhere at anytime,being flexible and being  the servants God has called them to be.Thanks all Women of the well ministries  for coming and teaching our women and children here in Malawi.Our women and children ministries have been revived and now functioning.Their precious smiles reveal their thankful hearts.

The month of November is scheduled to be a catch up time on all the projects we have not been able to get to during the last few months.Our rain season is around the corner so we are praying for 650 dollars to have revival meetings,follow up on what we have planted,Jesus Film,women and youth meetings before the rain comes.During the rain season is not easy to access to many places because of poor roads and lack of bridges.

We also need help to buy plastic papers to put a new roof over the existing grass roof that is leaking terribly.190 dollars is needed to buy plastic papers for all churches that are affected by this problem.

Thank you for your faithful support in love, prayers and financially.We cannot do  this ministry God has called us to without each of you doing that which God places on your hearts to be co-laborers here in Malawi.May our good Lord remember the good labor you have been doing.

In His service,
Joseph,Mercy,Matthews,Gift,Blessings,Praise and Ruth