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Monday, February 9, 2015

January Prayer letter

Thank you so much for your interest in our ministry and especially for your prayers.Prayer has come to mean a great deal to us over the last year and I have chosen to focus in this prayer letter.I want to thank everyone who has prayed for us so faithfully.God has been very good to us here,and we are now to the point where I believe we are going to see the fruition of all of our planning begin to fall into place.

When things are alright we seldom appreciate the real VALUE of prayer.  Prayer was something that we participated in without often truly seeing its POWER. Now,we find ourselves dependent upon it. We have seen our prayers answered again and again and we find ourselves desperately in need of the Lord's help,wisdom and strength. Here with the natural disaster of floods we have discovered the truth of the words of the hymn,"Where can I go but to the Lord."
We have set aside time during the evening service to pray for souls.Specifically,we are praying for over 100 people on the list.During January we have seen 32 people from the list and about 2000 from all the the churches we are working come to know the Lord .God has blessed and answered the burden of our hearts.On 25 January one of our churches celebrated their first anniversary.What a blessing to see all that God has done over this period of time.After service a number of people were baptized.It was a wonderful day of celebration.

It is also encouraging to see people who were at our prayer list and those who have just accepted Christ to faithfully continue coming for Bible study on Wednesdays. I was blessed by their spirit,love for the Lord and humor.We are working on a number of very big things related to the Bible Institute and ask everyone to pray diligently for this.I hope to report some news to you in the next prayer letter about this.We need God to open some BIG doors for us.

Fields of corn washed away
Malawi was recently devastated by the worst floods ever. Currently floods has  displaced over 1 million people.About 276 died and injured more than 600,according to U.N figures released by the U.N Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) Unit.The impact of flooding on food security posses immediate problems as well as potentially severe food shortages for months to come as crops have been washed away and livestock lost.Poor rural communities(as many places we are ministering to) have lost everything and require early assistance to prevent hunger and malnutrition.

There are many stories like the story of Agnes Mbewe who has lost all the property she had and family members.Agnes didn't run when the the floods hit.She didn't run because there was nowhere to go.The water came during the night.At 11 p.m Agnes woke up,there was water in her house,licking the blanket on which she slept.Slowly,slowly it crept up.Ankle deep,knee deep............until midnight when it reached her home's windows sill.It ate up the corn fields that feed them.Her family's field,recently planted,was wiped clean all hope for the coming month's crops.'I had almost everything but all is gone I have nothing to depend on.I feel I could have died with them am telling you things are not that good for me.Just imagine, the only thing I remained with are clothes I have put on," she said while shedding tears.

Thank you so much for your interest in our ministry.With your support we were able to provide the much needed food,clothes,blankets,cups,soap,cooking pots,plastic papers,mats,sugar,paying school fees to some students who are affected by the relocating to upper areas,renting houses to those who have nowhere to live.Preaching and giving gospel tracts and conducting psychosocial support sessions to the traumatized floods victims. Thank you for your kindness to us .May God's greatest blessings be upon you.
Praise the Lord for many souls saved.
Pray for our continued health and safety.
Pray for the strategic work and planning that is going on right now to prepare for the new Bible Institute.
Pray for the floods victims it seems the affected numbers increasing each day.

          Your brother in Christ Jesus,      
            Joseph Maweta